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Dec 1, 2017 | NISHA

How Often Should I Have an Eye Test?

    Many people assume that they should only have their eyes tested if they are experiencing problems with their vision. But did you know…

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Oct 11, 2017 | NISHA

50 Shades of frames

  One of the most important and unconscious decisions we make on a daily basis is what colours we wear – this doesn’t just relate to…

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Sep 2, 2017 | NISHA


  What are they? What do they do? Who are they for?   Varifocals or Progressive Power Lenses (PPLs) are used in glasses to correct -…

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Aug 20, 2017 | NISHA

Choosing for your face shape

  We believe that there are three aspects to consider when choosing the correct spectacle frame shape for your face. They are: The…

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Jun 5, 2017 | NISHA

Sunglasses: Fashion & Function

  Throughout the year we are inundated online and in magazines with images of our favourite celebs on holiday. Whether they are on a yacht in St…

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