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One of the most important and unconscious decisions we make on a daily basis is what colours we wear – this doesn’t just relate to our clothes but also to our frame colour choices, jewellery choices, and to what colour eye makeup and lipstick.


Your hair colour and skin tone can have a big impact on which frame colours will work best for you, in this article we are focussing on hair colour. Consider not just the shade of your hair but also whether your hair has cool or warm undertones. Determining if you are cool or warm toned is the key to success choosing your best frame colour.


Blonde with cool undertones

Cool blondes have ashy undertones and lean toward the platinum end of the spectrum. Cool blondes can easily wear black, blue, dark tortoise and pink tones but should avoid colours with strong yellow or gold undertones.

Blonde with warm undertones

Warm blondes have honey and bronze tones in their hair and are generally slightly darker. For glasses, warm blondes would suit warmer colours such as tortoise or pinky peach shades.

Brown with cool undertones

Cool brunettes are usually lighter in shade and have ash undertones. If this is you then try going for black, pink, blue, and dark tortoise to get the best effect.

Brown with warm undertones

Warm browns tend to be darker shades with more auburn and red tones. Stick with lighter tortoise colours with warm undertones, or go with warm greens, funky reds, or creamy off-whites.

Red hair

Vibrant red hair means that you can get away with strong frame colours. Try rich tortoise, black, green & warm neutrals like cream. Avoid ashy and yellowy tones that will undermine redheads.

Black hair

Of course, black hair looks great with black and dark tortoise frames but black hair also provides a strong statement when paired with bright colours such as sea blue or cranberry red. Go for black, olive tortoise and cool blues. Avoid diluted or ashy tones as they may appear washed out.

Grey or white hair

All tones of grey hair provide an excellent chance to wear clean and bright colours. Try black, charcoal grey or deep purple but stay away from yellow and brown frames that have a dulling effect.

Playing off your eye colour can have a subtle influence on the overall look of your glasses. Selecting frames close to your eye colour will reinforce your natural palette and create depth. Choose contrasting colours for a more dramatic effect that will make eye colour pop.



Blue eyes coordinate with blue and grey tones whereas for contrast go with rich browns and tortoise.


Green eyes pair perfectly with rich earthy colours in brown and gold tones. Shades of pink and purple tones will give greater contrast.


Hazel eyes look good in deep greens and greys. To bring out the gold flecks in hazel eyes try colours like amber or gold.


Brown eyes go well with warm tones like olive green to provide contrast.