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Apr 1, 2019 | Nisha

Five key decisions before buying your glasses

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Selecting glasses is an important decision. After all, they will frame your face on a daily basis. Therefore, they will need to be both comfortable and reflect your character and style. Here are five key decisions that you need to consider before you buy.


Define your identity


What will your new glasses say about you? You need to create the image that you want with your glasses. Selecting the right frame that helps to define your personality is the key here.


Consider how you live your life. What activities do you do and what’s your job? You need to think about the various aspects of your life and try to match them to your choice of glasses.


A professional image


If your work requires you to look professional, serious and business-like, then your best choice of glasses would be conservative. Classic oval, rectangle or almond shapes combined with gold, silver or black frames will add to your professional demeanour.


A fashion statement


Perhaps you are a more creative soul. Or you are a trendsetter or influencer. In which case, your choice of glasses can reflect your unique and quirky nature. Selecting modern shapes with larger plastic frames or more decorative metal frames will help to display your individuality. Colours can be more adventurous and bold, too, showing your fashionista nature.


Make it youthful and fresh


Glasses are ageless and, chosen wisely, can make you look younger. Just as a savvy hairdresser will use colour to disguise your age, so can the correct colour of your glasses. Light and shiny often works for women, whilst men can go for strong colours such as gunmetal or dark browns.


Why stop at one?


There are very few of us that only possess one pair of shoes, one handbag or any other accessory. So why do we tend to stop at one pair of glasses? If you are a professional in the week with a creative and fun side at the weekend, then perhaps consider investing in more than one pair of glasses.