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Jun 27, 2019 | Nisha

Choosing the correct tint for your shades

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Summer is here and it's time to get new sunglasses, but what colour lenses should you choose?

What purpose do tints serve?


A good tinted lens protects your eyes against UV radiation. They can also give you a high-contrast vision experience even in glaring or diffuse light. Tinted lenses can filter the blue light radiation down to the optimum level. Objects appear with high contrast, and colours and details appear natural.

At SureSpecs we offer tinted lenses in grey, brown and green, here some of the benefits of each colour: 


Grey lenses almost always provide more light reduction than those of any other tint, and for that reason they are the best choice for spending long periods outside in the sun. Grey is a neutral colour, and these lenses do not alter the way the eye perceives colour. Still, this does mean that grey lenses provide less contrast, and certain colours and objects will not pop out.



•Good for general purpose use
•True colour perception
•Dark enough to provide overall protection
•Reduces glare, especially off water



•Driving, tennis, football, water sports, and all other outdoor activities


Weather conditions

•Good variable weather tint for sunny or overcast days



Green filters some blue light and reduces glare, offering high contrast and sharpness. It also tends to reduce eyestrain in bright light. Green is a great choice for sunglasses lenses because their attributes remain the same in any weather condition. In situations with low or changing light conditions, green lenses should be your go-to option.


•Transmits all colours evenly
•Good for general purpose use
•Dims glare while brightening shadows



•All outdoor activities


Weather conditions

•Good in sunshine and in low light levels



The brown tint blocks out more blue light, resulting in bright, high-contrast vision, even on cloudy days. So no matter the season, brown lenses are an excellent choice as they provide the same UV protection even on the sunniest summer days.



•Improves contrast
•Contains a red element to enhance depth perception



•Golf, tennis, shooting, high-altitude sports, fishing,boating/sailing, or any sport where distance needs to be judged


Weather conditions

•Partly cloudy to sunny conditions


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