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More of us are now ditching our contacts and opting to wear glasses - there are so many styles, shapes and colours to choose from than ever before. If you need a new pair of glasses and want to try something a little different, but don't know where to start, then we can help you. 


Below we offer our quick guide on the top glasses trends in 2019: 


Clear plastic


Frames that are made from clear plastic are huge this year and the good news is that they are suitable for both men and women, whatever your age. If you want to make a subtle fashion statement or draw attention to your funky new frames, ensure that you also tone down your clothes and make-up with this style. Shop here.


The new tortoiseshell


Tortoiseshell frames have always been popular, but this year we see them take centre stage with a twist. Check out the latest colour variations in this ever-popular pattern. Shop our favourite Radley, Cocoa Mint and Versace frames.


Small and round


For something more professional for the day, which can be carried through to the night in any hipster bar, opt for a small round metal frame. This incredibly versatile frame is great for a modern take on this vintage look and you can find examples here.



Leopard print


If you love all things leopard print and like to make a statement with your glasses, then leopard print frames are a great choice and are available in different colours. Browse our favourite Visage and Synergy frames, as well as our Superdry sunnies.


Metal frames


If you don't want to opt for bold plastic frames, then gold coloured metal frames are a huge trend this year and they come in a wide range of styles - the most popular being round and classic aviator shapes. Shop this gorgeous frame from Cocoa Mint or our full gold metal range here.


Vibrant reds


Striking thick-framed glasses are bang on trend this year with the red-pink-purple colour palette becoming a particularly popular choice. Shop these colours here or this striking Christian Lacroix frame here.


Millennial pink


If you prefer your glasses to be more genteel and feminine, then pale pink plastic frames can be seen everywhere, this colour being hugely popular on social feeds and runways over the past few months. Pair this subtle frame colour with darker outfit colours.>


To find even more trends and a frame that will suit you, then do browse and buy glasses online with us here at SureSpecs today.