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Jun 3, 2019 | Nisha

Ordering glasses online - where do I start?

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Ordering your glasses online can save you lots of money compared with purchasing them from the high street and is much more convenient. But where do you start? Read our simple guide to make the online ordering process easy.


Choosing a frame


First, the fun part – choosing your frame! Check our blog posts on Choosing for your face shape and 50 shades of frames and then start browsing glasses from just £19.


Once you’ve picked your frame, add it to the cart and select whether you will use your glasses for a single point of focus (distance, near or intermediate vision) or a multiple focus lens (varifocal or bifocal). For our guide to choosing the right lenses for you, check our FAQs.


Entering your prescription


Next, you can choose to enter your prescription or choose to send it to us later. Just copy across the numbers in the 'Sphere' (or Sph) 'Cylinder (or Cyl) and 'Axis' boxes. You may only have a number in the Sphere section, not everybody has a Cylinder and Axis. If you have numbers in the ‘Add’ section, this means that you require a reading prescription. If you are unsure, it may be best to take a photograph of your prescription or scan it in and email it to us at support@surespecs.co.uk.




To give you the best vision possible, we ask that you enter your pupillary distance (PD) measurement - this is the distance between your pupils. There is more information on this here but if you are unsure of your measurement, that’s fine. You can just select ‘I don’t know my measurements’ and we’ll take care of the rest.


Lens package


Now comes the point where you can choose which lens package you want. Do you just want standard plastic lenses? If so, our Bronze lenses are the most basic, with anti-scratch properties but no anti-glare. Anti-glare (Silver package) is great for if you’re driving (especially at night) or using a mobile phone, computer or tablet as it reduces reflections on the surface of your lenses. This also means that when people are looking at you, they can see your eyes through the lenses rather than just reflections.


Or would you prefer your glasses to feel lighter? If so, our Gold and Platinum packages are best as the lenses are thinner and look cosmetically appealing – they also have anti-glare and anti-scratch as standard. These would be the lenses to choose if you need a tougher lens (for example if you choose half rims or rimless frames).




Do you want to turn your glasses into prescription sunglasses? If so, you can add a tint or make them polarised to cut out even more glare from the sun. You'll even have the option to choose photochromic lenses so they are clear indoors and darken in the sun.


You're done!


And that's it - you're all done. Now just try to keep a lid on your excitement whilst we make your glasses and get them delivered to you. If you have any questions along the way, we are here to help. Call us on 0800 954 9105 or email us on info@surespecs.co.uk. Happy browsing!