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Jul 29, 2019 | Nisha

Don't lose the ones you love: Reglaze your glasses

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Getting new glasses can be an exciting time, as you get to choose new frames, keep up to date with changing fashion or you can simply try something new. For some though, getting rid of a pair of glasses which have been worn daily for two years (the recommended time between eye tests) is not always a joyous occasion.


They suit you, they are comfortable and they go with everything you wear!


All is not lost. If your glasses are still in great condition, it’s not always necessary to change the frames just because your prescription has changed – you could just get the frames re-glazed.


Most frame types can be re-glazed - plastic, metal and rimless - although it is essential to check there is no damage or warping to the frames beforehand. Each time lenses are put into the same frame the frame begins to weaken. Plastic frames in addition to warping can become brittle and the plastic can suffer yellowing which means they wouldn’t be suitable for the process of re-glazing.


Additionally, not all rimless glasses are designed to be re-glazed. SureSpecs can advise you on whether this would be an option for you and the frames you love.


Re-glazing can also be an ideal option if you scratch or damage your current lenses. Or perhaps you would like to change your ‘spare glasses’ into sunglasses, or add transition lenses (or remove them), or try varifocals or some other lens type. Maybe you have some frames you have bought elsewhere or a vintage pair that you want to glaze so they are wearable – this could be the service for you. Reglazing with SureSpecs starts from just £25 including new lenses.


Re-glazing is a great option to consider if you want a new pair of glasses but need a back-up pair in case you break your new frames at any point – this way, you’ve got a cheaper back-up pair but still to your new prescription.


So, if you’re considering using your own frames to have new lenses, check our top tips here and we can see what we can do to help you.