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Jul 14, 2019 | Robert

How to keep your glasses in tip-top shape

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In the UK, around 61% of the population wear glasses of one form or another. Without them, life would be a struggle. If you wear glasses of any kind, be it sunglasses or varifocals, they become such a big part of your daily life that they are often taken for granted. 

But glasses have to withstand a range of daily abuse, including being dropped, sat on, scratched, knocked off by the dog and left out in the sun. All this causes stress on the frames and damage to the lenses. So in this blog, we are going to look at a few simple tips which should help keep your glasses in tip-top shape. 

1. Always use a case

When you're not wearing your glasses, always store them in a case. This helps to protect them from dust and prevents damage. When travelling it's a good idea to keep a soft pouch with you to provide extra protection. 


2. Clean them regularly

Dust and grease build-up can cause damage to lenses and reduce the quality of vision. So clean your lenses each morning with a proper lens cleaner and microfibre cloth. It's also wise a couple of times a week to wash them in warm water and mild soap - afterall, they are on your face a lot! Once washed, dry them using a microfibre cloth to prevent scratches.

3. Use both hands to take them off

We’ve all used a single hand to take our glasses off at some point, but this causes extra stress on the frame which can cause it to become warped. So get into the habit of using both hands to remove your glasses every time. 

4. Keep the screws tight

Glasses are opened and closed hundreds of times a year which eventually causes the screws to become loose. Keep a small screwdriver on hand and check your screws are tight every three months or so. 

5. Make sure they are properly adjusted

Badly adjusted glasses are not only uncomfortable but they increase the stress on the frame. If your glasses are slipping down your nose or rubbing your ears, take them to your local optician and have them properly adjusted. 

Keeping your glasses in good condition is really just common sense. But remember, even if your glasses are in good condition, you should still have your eyes checked every two years. If you need a new pair of glasses, check out our range of designer glasses for men and women.