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Jul 1, 2019 | Nisha

Why people are opting for glasses over contact lenses

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Prescription glasses are now more popular than contact lenses. But why is this? Well, there are just so many benefits and advantages to wearing glasses. Below we explore why people are opting for glasses over contact lenses.

Quick, easy and convenient


Get up in the morning, grab your glasses, pop them on and get on with your day. Glasses are simply quick and easy, whereas contacts take more time to put in first thing in the morning. Not good if you're in a rush.

Say goodbye to dry eyes and infection


There is a greater risk of suffering from dry eyes if you wear contacts, especially for long periods. There is also the risk of developing eye infections when wearing contacts if they are not stored or cleaned properly. >

Low maintenance


Glasses are the practical and low maintenance option. Just be sure to keep them in a case when not wearing them to protect them. This will also prevent you from losing them. 

Glasses are fun to wear


We can choose what shape, style and colour of frame to wear. They are worn as part of an outfit and to showcase our personality. Glasses can also help to highlight eyes. 

If you still wear contact lenses, we always recommend having a pair of glasses as a back-up in case of infections or tired eyes. You should always have a break at least once a day from your lenses. 



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