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Mobile Dispensing Technician

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Single Vision

Your PD (pupillary distance) is the measurement (in millimetres) between the centre of your pupils, which is taken so that your new lenses can be made with the correct optical centres. If you do not know your measurements, read our blog for more information. If you have a high prescription, we recommend getting your PD measured for optimal clarity. 
If you would like your PD taken in the comfort of your own home or workplace, SureSpecs can arrange for a Dispensing Technician to visit you and take this measurement for £30. Call us on 0800 954 9105.



Varifocal lenses, also known as progressive or multifocal lenses, are used when you have a prescription for distance and for reading. The lenses have a gradual change in strength from top to bottom with multiple focal points allowing you to see all distances through one lens. This means you don’t need to keep switching between two separate pairs of glasses for distance and reading. The upper part of the lens contains the distance power, the middle has the intermediate ranges for your computer or dashboard, and the lower part is for reading.
For optimal vision in varifocals, your lens measurements should be taken whilst wearing your chosen frame. When you spend £199 or more on our varifocals glasses, we can measure your PD, the height at which the lens needs to be set and the length to bend of the side of your glasses to ensure a good fit.


We can visit you at home or work*, whichever is most convenient for you, and this will be included free of charge with any varifocal purchase over £199. Call us on 0800 954 9105.


To make sure the centre of your lens is in the correct place, we can measure your PD. This is important for both single vision lenses and especially for varifocal lenses where deviations may reduce the performance of the lens.

Measuring the fitting height of your varifocal or bifocal lenses ensures that the progression of the lens is in the right place. 

We can also measure the LTB (length to bend) of the side of the frame to ensure your new glasses will fit perfectly when they arrive. Should you require any further adjustments we can visit you at work or home* for just £30.

*Mainland UK only




Buying glasses online at the best of times can be a challenge, knowing which frame to choose, let alone shape, style, colour and not to mention brand. The same is true of prescription lenses. The choice due to fast-changing technology is now greater than ever; the best choice will result in a pair of glasses that will not only give you the best vision but will also result in a well-fitting, comfortable pair of glasses that you will be happy to be seen wearing. 
Dispensing Technician Consultation £45
All SureSpecs Dispensing Technicians have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the most appropriate frame and lens choices for your prescription.
The consultation will usually include the following:

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  • How to get the best out of your SureSpecs experience

Understanding your prescription

  • Sph, Cyl, Axis, Prism 
  • Your visiting Dispensing Technician will explain each component, what it means and its importance in relation to correct measurements

Frame suitability

Lens suitability

  • Materials (standard to thinner lenses)
  • Treatments (tints, anti-glare)
  • Vision type (single vision, bifocal and varifocal types)
  • Whatever your choice, the visiting Dispensing Technician will ensure you are correctly measured for your prescription. The measurements are stored in your account and used as and when required depending on frame and lens choices
General Enquiries
  • Your visiting Dispensing Technician will be happy to answer any general enquiries in relation to eye health
  • All of the above for just £45