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Employer On-Site Corporate Eyecare

Welcome to SureSpecs corporate eyecare

•  Corporate eyecare - now only £40 per employee (employer funded)
SureSpecs is a UK provider of corporate eyecare and is able to provide employers with a substantial direct financial and indirect commercial savings. We provide eye tests similar to that found on the high street.


•  Help meet your regulatory requirements with SureSpecs
Enhance the health of your employees and fullfill an important health and safety requirement.


•  On-site service that benefits employer and employee
SureSpecs is able to bring testing equipment to your workplace - including digital retinal photography - with minimum production time lost.


•  Spectacles starting from £19
Select from SureSpecs' extensive range of frames, from budget to designer.

Call now:
0800 9549 105




Employee vision, made easy


Register your company's request over the phone or online through SureSpecs.co.uk


We travel to your company premises and perform assessments on-site. SureSpecs covers England, Scotland and Wales


Our fully qualified and registered Optometrists perform clinical employee eye tests on-site


Lenses and frames can be ordered online from SureSpecs.co.uk. We have an extensive range of frames - a selection of which will be brought to the business premises for the employees to view

Call now:
0800 9549 105