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Reglaze your glasses

Want to keep your current frame but need new lenses? Then this is the service for you.

You can use the following checks to ensure your glasses can be reglazed:

  • Plastic Frames
    Make sure the frame is not cracked around the rim and the frame itself is not brittle, discoloured or damaged.
  • Metal Frames
    Make sure the metal rim is not kinked and the screws which hold the lenses in place are not
    damaged in any way.
  • Rimless Frames
    Make sure the lenses are in fact removable as some rimless frames are designed to only be
    used for one set of lenses during their lifespan.

If you are unsure and need some advice, then please either call us on 0800 954 9105, or send us some pictures of your frame to: and we will be able to help.


Your frame


Please select your frame type from one of the options below:


Frame details


Please fill in as many details as you can about your frame (make, model, colour, size). These details will usually be found printed on the inside of the arms.


Please note that all reglazes are at your own risk. Please see FAQs for more details.