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Distance Free Great for everyday use or driving.
Reading Free Useful for reading items that are close to you e.g. book, newspaper or tablet.
Intermediate Free Ideal for those that are using a computer and need help with intermediate visual tasks. Remember when entering your prescription to enter the ‘intermediate add’.
Bifocal + £30.00 These provide distance and near vision with a visible segment providing the extra power to read clearly.
Varifocal Standard + £50.00 Entry-level lenses offering seamless distance, mid and close vision at an affordable price.
Varifocal Premium + £75.00 An upgrade from the Standard, giving wider areas of clear vision at all distances.
Varifocal Elite + £100.00 Our most advanced, digitally optimised lens design providing superior distance, mid and close vision, with a greater field of view.

Vogue VOGO 2763 2277£60.00

Total £60.00